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E Readers have gained popularity in recent times. Yet its hard to find the right one for oneself. I have seen many people buying and then throwing away their E Readers just because it did not suit their requirement. So whats the best device? What suits you the best? 

From Best E Readers to How To Guides. Me and my small team have tried to answer all there question from the E Reader World

Latest In The E Reader World

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Pocketbook InkPad 4: A Comprehensive Review
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Kobo Nia Review : Is it the Best Budget E Reader?
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Meebook M6 Review : Is it better than Kindle?
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Meebook M7 Hands On In Depth Review
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Boox Poke 5 Review - Is it better than a kindle?
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Boox Palma Review - A Phone or an E Reader?
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Boox Page : In Depth Review - Is it worth it?
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Kobo Clara 2e Review- Is it better than Kindle?
Kobo Libra 2
Kobo Libra 2 Review : Is it better than Kindle?
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Kindle Oasis - In Depth Review
Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition
Should You Buy The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition?
Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite - In Depth Review
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Kindle Stuck In USB Drive Mode : How To Fix It
Kindle Books Queued But Not Downloading
Why Are Kindle Books Queued But Not Downloading : Fixed
Kindle Paperwhite Screen is White
Kindle Paperwhite Screen is White/ Blank : Easy Fix
Kindle Screen Gets White When Unlocked
Kindle Screen Gets White When Unlocked? Here is a Quick Fix
Kindle Keeps Rebooting
Why Does Your Kindle Paperwhite Keeps Restarting Randomly [Easy Fix]
Can't Update Kindle Paperwhite
Can't Update Kindle Paperwhite: Fixing Greyed Out Kindle Update
So You Can't Open Book On Kindle Paperwhite? Quick & Easy Fix
How to Convert EPUB to Kindle : The Easy Way
Ad supported Kindle
What is Ad supported Kindle & How To Remove Ads (Easy Fix)
Kindle Exclamation Mark Error​
Kindle Doesn’t Turn On? Dealing With Kindle Exclamation Mark Error
kindle paperwhite battery life
Power Up: Tips and Tricks for a Better Battery Life Of Kindle
Back Light
Best Portable & Small E Readers for Traveling Light
Discover the World of Reading with Kindle Unlimited
Read this before Buying a Used or Refurbished E-Reader
Budget E-readers to Buy in 2023: Read Without Breaking the Bank
How to Extend the Battery Life of Your E-Reader: Tips and Tricks
Finding the Best E Reader To Read Manga On
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7 Best Free E book Reading Apps For Your PC
E Reader Vs Tablet
E Reader Vs Tablet: Which One Should You Choose?
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How to Convert Ebooks for Kindle & other E Readers
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Kindle Vs Books : 15 Benefits of Buying an E Reader
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Features to Look for in an E Reader: A Comprehensive Guide
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Kobo E Readers - Best Kindle Alternative for you to buy
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Best Kindle E-Readers - Ultimate Reading Experience
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Best eBook Reader In The Market to Buy Right Now
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