Will there be a new Kindle Oasis?

Well, there’s been speculation swirling around, but as of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement.

To be honest, I don’t think the Kindle Oasis will ever be updated. Especially after the recent launch of Kindle Scribe, which has taken the top tier place in the Kindle lineup.

However, If we’re going to be honest, I think that there is enough space in between the Kindle Paperwhite and Scribe to justify a brand new Oasis. As with most E Ink Brands the like Onyx and Kobo there can be a 7.8” device between the smaller sized e readers and 10.3” sized tabs.

Is the Kindle Oasis discontinued?

While I’m not holding my breath for a new Oasis, the thought of its potential demise is certainly sobering. Nevertheless, the Oasis remains a strong contender in the Kindle lineup, cherished by avid readers for its sleek design and high-end features.

From a pragmatic standpoint, discontinuing the Oasis might seem like a viable business move for Amazon. It appears they’re faced with a dilemma: either pull it from the shelves or invest in updating its hardware to stay competitive.

The Kindle Oasis debuted in April 2016 and has enjoyed steady popularity ever since. As for updates, Amazon typically provides support for its devices for at least four years after they were last sold.

Given that the Oasis is still available for purchase, it’s reasonable to expect ongoing support until at least 2027 for essential security updates. So, while the future of the Oasis remains uncertain, its current presence in the market suggests it’s not ready to fade into oblivion just yet.

But should you buy a Kindle Oasis?

The only people happy with a Kindle with no buttons are those that have never had a Kindle with buttons. There, I said it.  

While I might hesitate to pay full price for the Oasis at this juncture, it’s not entirely unreasonable to contemplate buying one this year. The screen quality remains impressive, maintaining its premium feel.

The addition of physical buttons adds a layer of convenience that some users, like myself, appreciate. So, while it might not be a no-brainer decision, the Kindle Oasis still holds its allure for certain readers.

Is the Kindle Oasis worth the extra money?

Well, that’s a tough one. Personally, I own multiple e-readers, including both the latest Oasis and a Kindle Paperwhite SE. While I utilize both devices, I still find myself drawn to the Oasis for its physical buttons and the ergonomic design of its bezels, which provide a comfortable grip during long reading sessions.

Although the Paperwhite SE boasts a comparable screen size, its touchscreen-only interface and slim bezels occasionally result in accidental page turns, which can be a minor annoyance.

However, the Oasis offers several premium features that enhance the reading experience. Its high-resolution display ensures crisp text and immersive reading, while its waterproofing capabilities provide peace of mind for reading in various environments.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to individual preferences and priorities. For readers who prioritize physical buttons, ergonomic design, and premium features, the Kindle Oasis may indeed justify the extra investment.

So where is it all headed?

I really hope it isn’t the end, Oasis refresh with USB – C would have been so amazing! I don’t know why they aren’t saying anything about it and continuing to let us hope, or if they’re wanting us all to buy a scribe or paperwhite signature. There is nothing quite like the oasis and having page turn buttons. So Fingers crossed

However if you aren’t used to the page button than Kindle Scribe is a great option to switch too. However if you are into a page button and are looking for something with a page turn button than Kobo Sage is a decent option.

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