Best E Ink Tablets For Drawing : Unleash the Artist Within

E Ink Tablets for Drawing

One of the reason for which E Ink Tablets became popular in the first place was because of their ability to draw realistic sketches. The first time I saw an Ad about Remarkable I was in owe of what it professed to do. Now E Ink Drawing  is a norm. 

But not all E Ink drawing feel great, Why? There can be be a lot of reasons primary being

  •  it may not feel like a real paper & pen
  • The Pen latency latency while sketching is low
  • The pens inability to identify pressure or tilt.
  • Low screen refresh rate

In short sketching is a complete experience which digital devices fail to provide. But things are changing there are a few great E Ink tablets which really do provide a unique experience when it comes to E Ink drawing or sketching. 

Though in my personal experience nothing beats reMarkable paper like feel (But this is subjective), so here is a list of what I think are the best E Ink tablets for drawing & sketching

Top Picks - Best E Ink Drawing Tablets

  • reMarkable 2 (Best E Ink Drawing Tablet)
  • Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C (Best for color sketching and drawing)
  • Amazon Kindle Scribe (Great Hardware) 
  • Onyx Boox Tab Ultra ( Android Drawing E Ink Tablet)
  • Supernote A5 X (Great for doodlers)

Comparison Table - Best E Ink Tablets For Drawing

E Ink Tablet For Drawing

Release year 2020 2022 2022 2020
Screen type CANVAS with Carta Carta HD Carta 1200 Mobius Carta
Screen size 10.3" 10.3" 10.2" 10.3"
Screen resolution 1404 x 1872 1404 x 1872 1830 x 2460 (approx) 1404 × 1872
Pixel density 226dpi 227dpi 300dpi 226dpi
CPU 1.2Ghz dual-core 1.8 Ghz octa-core 1Ghz 1.3 GHz quad-core
RAM 1Gb 4Gb 1Gb 2Gb
Storage 8Gb 128Gb (Expandable) 64Gb 32Gb
Battery 3000mAh 6300mAh 3000mAh 3800mAh
Thickness 4.7mm 6.7mm 5.8mm 7.2mm
Weight 405g 480g 433g 375g
Connectivity Wifi + BT Wifi + BT Wifi + BT Wifi + BT
Stylus  Cardboard Tip Ceramic Tip Ceramic Tip Ceramic Tip
Operating system Linux (Codex) Android 11.0 Linux-based Chauvet (Android-based)
Google Play Store
Handwriting recognition
Other Features
Backlit Screen

Roundup E Ink Tablets For Sketching & Drawing

If you like sketching with a pencil them the sketching experience of ReMarkable 2 will definitely surprise you . Made by the Norwegian company ReMarkable, this digital paper tablet boasts a 10.3-inch e-ink textured display which has a gritty feel. Combined this with the cardboard tips it feels as if you are using a real pencil to draw.

The pen latency and tilt functions are exceptional, for a minute its hard to believe that you are writing on a screen

What I love the most about it is its paper-like feel which cannot be found in other devices. A truly well thought E ink drawing tablet. reMarkable 2 sure is one of the best E Ink Tablet for Artists to show their work 

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Key Takeaways

  • Realistic paper-like feel, with its precise marker tip you can feel the natural friction as if you’re writing on actual paper.
  • The tilt function and the pressure level of the pen is exceptional
  • The Drawing UI is great with layers, multiple type of pens and different shades of grey.
  • Drawing can be exported in vector form so the quality remains high.
  • Downside is that for the paperlike feel the tips need to be replaced after sometime.

Nothing beats the Amazon Ecosystem. Made by the e-commerce giant Amazon, this e-reader features a 10.3 -inch e-ink display, adjustable lighting, and a high resolution screen that offers a crisp and clear reading experience.

If you are someone who likes reading and sketching and want best of both the worlds then Kindle Scribe is a good option. We feel the device lacks when it comes to Sketching UI but the Pen has the same hardware as that of reMarkable. Though the screen has some grit to it but its nothin like a Pencil over paper, its more like a ballpoint over a gritty paper.  

Its phenomenal pen combined with the excellent screen gray scale & contrast makes drawing with E Ink Tablets a great experience.  I hope they will improve upon the Drawing UI for a better E Ink Drawing experience

Key Takeaways

  • Hardware for writing is same as the remarkable but it lacks in Drawing UI when it comes to layers, multiple pens and shade
  • Exported drawing gets pixelated when exported
  • The pen latency is really good but the writing does not feel like paper
  • Limited pens and brushes in the E Ink drawing UI.

The Boox Tab Ultra C maintains a professional yet modern design, with a new metallic green-gray color scheme that exudes elegance. 

This android color E Ink Tablet features a 10.3-inch Caleta 3 display. The device boasts a specially designed GPU that enhances screen refreshing and minimizes ghosting, addressing a common issue with color e-ink panels.

The Tab Ultra C boasts a Qualcomm octa-core CPU clocked at 2.02 gigahertz, accompanied by 4GB RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage. It  operates on Android 11, providing users with access to a wide range of apps and functionalities through the Google Play Store. 

The drawing experience on the Tab Ultra C is smooth and responsive. It may not feel as natural as pen over paper but the markers, brushes and pens make up for it. Furthermore the drawing or sketching on this E Ink Tablet is highly customizable. 

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Why we like about it?

  • Highest B/W & Color PPI screen among A5 devices
  • Fantastic screen resolution and refresh rate
  • Great hardware specs
  • Android with Google Play Store so you can download favorite Drawing App
  • A lot of drawing tools and templates to play with

Onyx is a reliable name the E reader Industry. This e-ink tablet features a 10.3-inch display, runs on Android, and offers access to millions of apps and games on the Google Play Store. The BOOX Tab Ultra’s user experience is built to mimic that of the powerful tablets that you use in your daily life by having a home screen with apps. Runs on Android 11. 

The best feature that we found out in Onyx Boox for drawing and sketching is its customizable drawing UI and the warm backlights helps you draw in low lit places as well. Its more then a sketchbook and paper. If you want something with loads of features and gives a decent experience when it comes to drawing then you can consider this E ink Tablet for Drawing as a good alternative to reMarkable   

With a high-quality stylus and the ability to read and edit PDFs and other documents, the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra is a versatile tool.

Why we like about it?

  • The stylus provides a decent writing experience with good writing recognition
  • The pencil feature is not great but the pen feature covers up for that
  • Suited more for note taking then sketching
  • Can Run 3rd Party Drawing Apps from Google Play Store

Supernote A5 X: The Supernote A5 X is like the in-between of the minimalist reMarkable 2 and the functional Onyx Boox Tab because it provides users with an ample amount of functions from android apps while keeping it simple.

This E Ink Tablet  offers a 10.3-inch e-ink display, a high-quality stylus, and a range of features that make note-taking and sketching a breeze.

 With the ability to save and export your notes in a variety of formats, the Supernote A5 X is the perfect tool for Writing. It may not be the best E Ink Tablet for Pro Sketchers but for doodlers like me it sure has a great gel like drawing feel.

Why we like about it?

  • The Note Taking UI is Great with multiple pens and brushes 
  • Fantastic writing experience with smooth pen strokes similar to a gel pen
  • The pen has a hard ceramic pen tips that do not need replacement.
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