Free Templates for Supernote A6x

Here Are Some of the Best Supernote A6x PDF Templates!!!

All of these templates have been designed keeping in view the screen size of the Supernote A6x . The endeavor tool considerable time, the templates can be downloaded for free, however it will be highly appreciated if they are compensated for. Kudos…  

Daily Planner Templates

Single sheet Free Daily planner Template for Supernote A6x with To-Do-List, Priorities for the day and timed daily schedule 

Daily Planner Templates 2

Single sheet Free Daily planner Template for Supernote A6x with Goals, Things to do, Appointments, meal and exercise tracker

Daily Task Planner

Single sheet Free Daily Task Planner Template for Supernote A6x with based on timeline, priority and completion status

Meeting Notes Template

Simple but effective Minutes of Meeting template for Supernote A6x with Agenda, Discussion Points and decision taken

Monthly Budget Planner

Minimalist Monthly Budget Planner for Supernote A6x with actionable layout 

Weekly Study Planner

Free Weekly Study Planner for Supernote A6x that students can use to make timetable

Habit Tracker Template

Minimalist Habit Tracker Template for Supernote A6x where you can track up to five habits at a time

Bullet Journal Template

Single sheet Bullet Journal Template for Supernote A6x with goals, thoughts, to do list and gratitude section 

Business Planner Template

Single Sheet Business Planner  Template for Supernote A6x with timeline, focus, to do list and reminders 

Project Planner Template

Minimalist Project Planner Template for Supernote A6x with action plan, deadlines and all essential requirements for effective project management

Recipe Card Planner

Single Sheet Recipe Card Planner Template for Supernote A6x 

To Do List Template

Minimalist Single Sheet To Do List Template for Supernote A6x Task, Due date and task status 

How to add PDF Template to Supernote A6x ?

The easiest way to add Supernote A6x template is to just upload the PDF as a regular file in your Supernote. Tap the Templates icon on the top function bar. Tap Customization. Under the Customization tab, tap the PDF file you want to use as a template. (If it isn’t displayed under the tab, you can search for it by entering file name, or tap Select from MyStyle.)

How to create Supernote A6x Templates

To create supernote a6x templates from scratch the best way is to use application like Canva. Canva comes with numerous preloaded themes that you can adjust as per your taste. The most import part is to use the exact dimensions for the screen for your file. 

After creating the template export it as PDF and upload it on your device. You can use online applications like Noteto  how ever customization is quite limited. 

What is the perfect screen size for Supernote A6x templates?

The pixel number or screen resolution of the Supernote A6x corresponds to height 1872 x width 1404.  With a ppi of 227 the size size is : 

  • Screen Size of Supernote A6x in mm :  158.5 mm (height) x 118.9 mm (Wide).
  • Screen Size of Supernote A6x in cm: 15.85 cm(height) x 11.8 cm (Wide).
  • Screen Size of Supernote A6x in inches: 6.2″ (height) x  4.7″ mm (Wide).
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