Does Kindle Oasis have Ads & How to Remove Them?

It seems a bit cheeky for a ‘premium product’ if it does come with ads! But yes just like Kindle Paperwhite the Kindle Oasis also comes in two variants. Kindle Oasis with and without Ads. So should you be spending the extra amount on your device for the ad free experience or is  the ads experience somewhat digestible. 

It’s a decision many face when purchasing this beloved e-reader, and I’m here to share my insights to help you make the right choice. Lets dive in and find out.  

Whenever you choose a Kindle you are given the option for an Ad-Free or an Ad-Supported Kindle. The price difference does not seem much but the experience can vary a lot depending upon how frequently you use your kindle.  

Typically, the ad-supported version comes with a lower price tag, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.

In ad-supported Kindle, the sleep screen or stand by presents you with a choice – you’ll either encounter an advertisement that might pique your interest or a book cover related to your current read.

Are Kindle Oasis Ads Too Annoying?

Personally, I’m all for the Kindle with ads, and here’s why. 

  • First off, the ads only pop up on the home screen, usually before you start using the device. Once you power it on, poof! They disappear, leaving your reading experience undisturbed.
  • Secondly, these ads aren’t just random promotions. They’re tailored recommendations based on your reading history. Think of it as your own personal book concierge, suggesting titles that you might actually enjoy.
  • Third, one of the biggest perks of opting for the ad-supported Kindle is the cost savings.

Contrary to what some may think, you won’t be bombarded with ads while you’re trying to enjoy your latest read. These ads are subtle, appearing only on the home screen, much like the cover of a book when it’s sitting on your shelf. So rest assured, your reading time remains sacred.

You can remove the Ads from  your Kindle Oasis by subscribing to the No-ads Kindle feature through your Amazon Account.

  • Open your Amazon Account
  • Go to Manage Your Content and Devices
  • Open your registered devices (You will require to register your device first if it’s not register)
  • Look for the line where it says Special Offer and deactivate it.
  • make the one-time payment of the subscription fee and your kindle will be ad free
Can You Remove Ads from Kindle

How to remove ads from Kindle Oasis for Free?

So this is a one time solution and may not work for everyone. But its a free way of removing those annoying ad. Do the following 

  • Open your Amazon Account with you Kindle Device added
  • Go to Contact Us and contact the customer service representative 
  • Request them that you bought a ads free variant however your received an ad variant and he will remove it manually (Screenshot shared below).

I complained that had been a customer for X amount of years and I didn’t want ads, and they removed it free of charge.

Remove Kindle Oasis Ads
Remove Kindle Oasis Ads
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