Kindle Keeps Rebooting

Why Does Your Kindle Paperwhite Keeps Restarting Randomly [Easy Fix]

Kindle Paperwhite Keeps Restarting

The problem spontaneously restarting of Kindle devices is a frequently encountered issue. While Amazon Customer Service offers troubleshooting steps, they may not be effective for everyone, including myself.

In my case, the Kindle would display the homepage initially, but when attempting to open a book, it would restart. For some users, they may not even get the opportunity to open a book at all. And all of this is really frustrating. The Good news is there are ways to solve this issue on your own.

In this guide, we will comprehensively explore all the necessary steps to help you prevent the frustrating problem of your Kindle repeatedly restarting.

Kindle Restarting Randomly

Before you do anything else check out the following things. Maybe its restarting because of any of the following reasons:

  • Is The Power Button Stuck? Make sure that the kindle button is not stuck. Sometimes a casual drop or the cover presses the button and it gets into this restarting loop
  • Do you have sufficient Space? At times if your memory is full you may face the issue of restarting loop. Ensure that you have sufficient space in your device. If not delete unnecessary books and files.
  • Are You Opening Corrupt Files/Books? If you are reading books other than those on the Kindle store, there are chances that the book format may be corrupt or not supported. If your kindle restarts in a certain book only delete it. If you experienced this issue after adding new books recently then delete them
  • Recent Updated Firmware? If you have started experiencing this issue after a recent firmware update, it might be the case that your firmware was not updated properly. Update your kindle again Manually.
  • Have You Tried A Soft Reset: A soft reset will not erase any secure passwords, or delete any digital books. Soft resets are mainly for making your Kindle run faster, or resetting a frozen home screen. Just press the power and click on the restart button.

If all of the above steps did not work for you then we need to move a step further and resolve this issue.

Kindle restarting

Hard Reset To Fix Rebooting Kindle

Hard Reset might seem dangerous but do not worry it would not delete your data and other things. Its just to give complete refresh to the hardware and software. To hard Reset:

  • Press the power button for around 30 seconds
  • Release the power button and wait for a restart
  • If it does not start press the power button to turn it on manually.

Fixing Restarting Loop Of Kindle By De-Registering

This is the method that worked for me and hopefully if all the above methods did not work for you this will do. However there are two ways of doing this as well.

Is your kindle restarting after a while?

If so then you can just go the the setting deregister your device from there and reregister it again.

Is your Kindle restarting Instantaneously?

If your kindle is restarting instantaneously then the best way is to deregister through your Amazon account on your PC. But ensure that your device is connected to a Wifi when you are doing this.

  • Log into your Amazon account on your computer
  • Go to manage your content and devices and click on the devices
  • Deregister your device from there, Kindle will then show up as Unregistered
  • Register your device again and it will register your kindle again
Kindle Paperwhite Keeps Restarting

Factory Reset Your Device

If the issue still persists then you might require a factory reset but remember it will wipe everything (stored data/highlights/ apps/ setting). For a factory reset go to Settings > Device Options > Reset.

However, Books purchased through Amazon will remain linked to your account and can be re-downloaded. You will need to save 3rd Party eBooks manually by connecting it to a Computer and transferring them.


Hopefully following the steps mentioned above will fix the issue if your Kindle Paperwhite keeps restarting randomly. Deregistering and reregistering the Kindle works out most of the time. If that does not work then probably there is some malware or software issue requiring a complete reset.

However, It is recommended to contact Amazon Customer Service before carrying out a factory reset as the may come up with some alternative where you don’t have to delete all you data and books. Kudos.

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