The Best Remarkable 2 Stylus Alternative

The Best Remarkable 2 Stylus Alternative : A Detailed List

Looking for a reMarkable 2 pen replacement or in need of a backup just in case? Well you have reached the right place.

I highly regard reMarkable as one of the best E Ink Tablets with a premium pencil and paper like writing experience. However, one must not overlook the pivotal role played by the ReMarkable Pen, or more precisely, its Nib, for giving this experience. Looking for a reMarkable 2 pen alternative can be a great way of amplifying or changing this experience.

Firstly, if you haven’t bought the device already you should know that the reMarkable 2 Pen doesn’t come with the device. You have to pay a whooping sum of 79 $ for the reMarkable Marker & 129$ for the reMarkable Plus.

If you go for the reMarkable marker (79 $) you should know that it doesn’t have an eraser or extra nibs. Whereas the Plus version works really well with the reMarkable it’s a bit too heavy on the pocket.

Secondly, the Nibs are made of Graphite which wears down really quickly. You would need to replace it within a few weeks especially if like me you press hard on the pen while writing or sketching.

Thirdly, not everyone likes the feel of writing with a pencil over paper and wants something more like a pen. This experience can be really subjective. I do like sketching on reMarkable but for taking note, the gel pen feel of Supernote is the winner for me.

So if you happen to misplace your ReMarkable Pen, require a reMarkable Stylus alternative, seek a more budget-friendly alternative, or don’t like the pencil over paper feel then this guide will be really valuable for you.

Check out the best nips that can be used with the reMarkable Pen

I’ve personally tested and used most of the options mentioned. Almost all Wacom E Ink Pens can be reMarkable pen replacement apart form a few. E Ink Styluses you should avoid are:

  • Most non Wacom pens
  • Sony E Ink Tablet Pen for Papyr & Sony DPT
  • Supernote Ceramic Nib Pens (though it works but it will damage the screen)
  • Google Pixelbook pen
  • HP Active Pen
  • Mixoo Universal Stylus Pen
  • Surface Pen
  • Wacom replacement stylus for almost all Intuos tablets
  1. LAMY AL-Star Stylus (Best Overall)
  2. Onyx Boox Pro Pen (Runner Up)
  3. Samsung S6 Lite pen (Most precise writing)
  4. Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo
  5. Kindle Scribe Premium Pen
  6. Mitsubishi WACOM Hi Uni Digital Stylus
  7. Staedtler Noris Digital Classic (Cheapest Best)
Features LAMY AL_Star Onyx Boox Pen 2 Pro Samsung S6 Lite pen Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo Kindle Scribe Premium Pen Staedtler Noris Classic Mitsubishi WACOM Hi Uni Digital Stylus
Length (mm) 139 163 144 140 162 175 140
Material Anodized aluminum Plastic Polycarbonate Wood Plastic Wood Wood
Weight 24g 15g 7g 10g 15g 8.7g 4.8g
Nib Pom Soft Plastic Matte Plastic Lace Matte pastic Lace Plastic
Eraser Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No
Color 5 3 1 1 1 1 1
Magentic  Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No
The Best Remarkable 2 Stylus Alternative

Yes, LAMY AL-Star is a luxury pick, but truth be told, it’s my ultimate choice. Though the experience can be subjective but I think, LAMY offers the best writing experience on the ReMarkable 2 in my opinion. Even though its specifically designed for Supernote but unlike other Supernote pens it has a soft nib.

Made in Germany, the stylus features anodized metal for the body and cap, while the grip is made of high-quality plastic. The design resembles a standard high-quality pen and can be customized with different colors.

What sets the LAMY apart is its luxurious feel, Ergonomic design for comfortable writing, substantial thickness, and a very balanced feel while holding it.

The tips are exchangeable, the tips that come with the pen are described as “rubbery,” but you can substitute them with ReMarkable 2 tips. Worth mentioning, I prefer using the ReMarkable Marker tips in the LAMY stylus. Though the feeling is a bit different but it’s worth it. It has multiple pressure levels with excellent pressure sensitivity

Admittedly, it lacks an eraser, but, there’s a clever hack available that enables it to mimic eraser-like functionality. It features a convenient button on the grip of the stylus that, with a simple hack, transforms it into a functional eraser.

The LAMY AL-Star Black retails for just US$55 on Amazon, which is a substantial US$60 cheaper than the ReMarkable Marker Plus and even US$15 cheaper than the standard ReMarkable Marker. Making it one of the best stylus for reMarkable 2.

Remarkable Compatible Stylus

The BOOX Pen 2 Pro has a great feel made for the Boox devices but it works pretty well with all E ink Displays. Whether you’re sketching, drawing, or jotting down notes, the BOOX Pen 2 Pro delivers a satisfying and responsive writing experience. If it wasn’t for the design and premium feel of LAMY, Boox Pen 2 Pro would be my number one choice.

In terms of design, the pen features a sleek and round shape, which not only looks stylish but also contributes to its ergonomic design. The comfortable shaft ensures a pleasant grip and reduces hand fatigue during extended writing sessions. The pen’s 9.6mm diameter strikes a balance between being slim enough for precise control and substantial enough for a comfortable hold.

One standout feature of the BOOX Pen 2 Pro is its built-in eraser, which mimics the feel of a real eraser. This eraser adds to the overall writing experience, ensuring that your notes are clean and organized. With a quick and precise touch, it effectively cleans strokes, allowing for seamless corrections and adjustments.

The pen’s nib is relatively soft, measuring 1.6mm in thickness. This softness provides a close-to-paper writing feel, allowing for smooth and natural strokes.

One of the key advantages of the BOOX Pen 2 Pro is its magnetic attachment. Weighing in at 19 grams, the BOOX Pen 2 Pro strikes a good balance between being lightweight and substantial enough for a comfortable writing experience. The pen’s weight contributes to its overall stability and control, allowing for precise movements and accurate input.

In conclusion, the BOOX Pen 2 Pro is a reMarkable stylus that enhances your writing experience with its ergonomic design and practical features making it a runner up in this list of reMarkable pen alternatives.

ReMarkable 2 Stylus Alternative​ - Best stylus for Onyx boox

Though I was a bit skeptic about The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite at first but surprising it has one of the best writing and drawing experience. With its high build quality and compatibility with various devices, it proves to be a valuable tool for digital note-taking for all E Ink Tablets.

Despite being primarily made of plastic, the pen’s materials are of high quality, ensuring durability and a pleasant feel in hand. The pen’s design, although flat, doesn’t compromise its overall performance. It feels comfortable to hold. But for me it feels small and a bit underweight.

One notable feature is the button on the pen, located at a very convenient place it offers a satisfying and tactile experience when pressed. Though its cant be used an a eraser so its practically useless.

The pen comes with soft black nibs that may feel strange initially, but users gradually adapt to them and they are readily available in the market. During use I found out that these soft nibs tend to bend during use, resulting in a slight swishing sensation. However, the nibs can be replaced with the gray ones, harder nib that offers excellent precision and a pleasant writing experience, catering to users who prefer a firmer nib.

The pen’s nibs can be interchangeable with compatible alternatives, allowing users to customize their writing experience to suit their preferences. This flexibility adds a layer of personalization and convenience for users who want to experiment with different nib options.

With a pressure sensitivity of 4,096 points, the Samsung Tab S6 Light Pen rivals the performance of the Lamy Star, ensuring accurate and responsive input. Whether you’re taking notes, sketching, or editing documents, the pen delivers precise and smooth lines, capturing even the most delicate details.

In terms of pricing, the Samsung Tab S6 Light Pen offers exceptional value at around $50. When compared to other digital pen options in the market, it stands out as a compelling choice, especially considering its compatibility and performance.

With its affordable price point and exceptional performance, it becomes a recommended choice for people looking for a a cheaper yet fully capable alternate Stylus for reMarkable 2.

ReMarkable 2 Stylus Alternative​

A made in Germany stylus that looks and feels like a real pencil in hand. The body is made of wood in triangular shape and has a plastic nib and an integrated soft eraser at the other end.

The Noris Jumbo requires no hacks, as the eraser works flawlessly out of the box. If you were looking for reMarkable 2 stylus alternative with eraser at the end, then this stylus might be the one for you.

The stylus is quite light and weights around 10 g which gives it a more pencil like vibe. The body is wooden so It lacks a magnet so it wont attach to the E ink Tablets with a magnetic styluses. 

Noris Jumbo works on passive EMR Technology, so there is no need to charge it. The nib is 0.7mm thick and It has a pressure level of 4096. The writing experience is more like writing with a pen rather than a pencil which as I mentioned earlier is what I am looking in a Stylus. So its not as ideal for drawing, but works well for writing

The good thing is that you can replace the Nib with other nibs.

Keeping the price bracket in mind personally I think the Noris Jumbo is a great alternative for ReMarkable 2 Marker (the only compromise being the absence of a magnet). The look at least for me is a great reason to go for this stylus.

Best Styluses

Another great pick that has recently hit the market is the  Kindle Scribe Premium Pen . The Kindle Scribe premium pen is more expensive than a lot of styluses, but it has a button which is quite convenient to use. The feel of the pen is quite premium.

The magnetic attachment isn’t strong and the magnets on the ReMarkable. Given the price, it’s great value for money when compared ReMarkable 2 Marker, and given you get magnetic capability and a working eraser, it’s a great deal.

It’s always in stock – so may be a better option for some people looking for stylus that works with reMarkable 2 on Amazon. It comes with an eraser but only the premium version has a button. Personally I prefer the Staedtler at this price point, as it looks cooler.

Best Stylus Comparison

Staedtler ‎Noris Digital Classic is a budget pick from Staedtler. It’s one of the cheapest stylus to buy around yet has all the essential features.

It has a hexagonal shape, is as thin as pencil and is covered with non-slip paint. Like the Jumbo, it is also made from wood consequently it doesn’t have a magnet so won’t stick to your reMarkable 2. It’s even lighter than the Jumbo pen weighing just 8.7 g, which is definitely quite less if you want to get a pen like vibe.

The only drawback is not having an eraser.  Personally I really love the eraser on the Jumbo, so if you can stretch your budget a little bit more, go for the Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo.

This pressure sensitivity of the tip is market standard of 4096. The tip is 0.7mm thick and is replaceable so you can change it with reMarkable Nibs so it will look and feel like a pencil.

A great reMarkable 2 stylus alternative for those on a tighter budget.

Best EMR Pen

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Hi-uni DIGITAL pen for Wacom Screens, and I must say it’s a reMarkable tool that combines the best of traditional and digital writing experiences. This pen is compatible with reMarkable 2 and other E INK displays, making it a versatile choice for artists, designers, and anyone who appreciates the art of writing with something classy.

Upon holding the Hi-uni DIGITAL pen, you can immediately feel its luxurious build quality. It features the same wood as a Staedtler pencil, with a hexagonal axis that provides a comfortable grip and a subtle, pleasant wood scent. The attention to detail is evident with the combination of traditional Japanese colors, such as maroon and wine red, along with a gold ring placed on the monochrome axis. The pen’s design is reminiscent of lacquerware, boasting a shiny and smooth housing that is a treat for the eyes.

When it comes to performance, the Hi-uni DIGITAL pen delivers in spades. It utilizes Wacom’s digital pen technology, offering a pen pressure sensitivity of up to 4096 levels. This high level of pen pressure recognition allows for precise and natural drawing and writing experiences. This pen does provides a satisfying range of expression.

I found the Hi-uni DIGITAL pen to be incredibly responsive on reMarkable 2. It seamlessly translates the subtle movements of your hand into digital strokes on the screen, offering a truly immersive and intuitive experience.

Styluses Comparison

If you are looking specifically for reMarkable 2 Marker Plus replacement with an Eraser than following pens are recommended

Lamy Al Star

  • The Eraser is located at a convenient location and is easy to use. The only issue is that the eraser does not work out of the box.
  • The button works with ddvk’s stylus hack which is an easy process you can find on Github.

Samsung S6 Lite Pen

  • The Precise writing and price point and the conveniently placed button make it a great alternative stylus for reMarkable with an eraser.
  • Downside being, just like Lamy Al-Star The button will work with ddvk’s stylus hack.

Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo 

  • Its one of the few styluses whose eraser works out of the box for reMarkable 2. You dont need any hack for the eraser to work on reMarkable.

In this comprehensive review, we have explored the top 7 reMarkable pen replacement. While personal preferences may vary, these styluses offer various features, designs, and price ranges to cater to different user needs.

Consider the information provided in this review to make an informed decision and enhance your digital writing and drawing experience. Remember to try different styluses to find the one that best suits your requirements. Share your thoughts and preferences in the comments section below.

No, The Apple Pencil does not work with the reMarkable 2. The reMarkable 2 supports EMR Styluses and Pens whereas the apple pencil works on AES, which is a totally different technology.

All pens which use EMR technology are compatible with reMarkable 2. However It does not mean that they all are good fo reMarkable2 . For instance, Supernote Heart of Metal works with reMarkable 2 but its ceramic tip can damage its screen. Both Active EMR & Passive EMR Styluses work on the reMarkable.

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