Best Pen For Supernote : A Comprehensive Comparison

Best Pen For Supernote

In this article, we will take a closer look at the three pens available for the SuperNote series by Ratta. We will examine each pen’s characteristics, discuss their differences, and determine which one stands out as the favorite. 

Best Pen For Supernote

Best Supernote Styluses

  1. Supernote Standard Pen
  2. Supernote Heart of Metal (Best Stylus)
  3. Lamy Al-Star

Comparison Table Supernote Pen

Features Standard HoM HoM2 LAMY AL_Star
Length (mm) 147 140 136 139
Material Plastic Brass Brass Anodized aluminum
Weight 26g 26.5g 32.5g 24g
Weight (w/o Cap) 24g 14g 22g 15g
Nib Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Pom
Button No No No Yes
Color 4 10+ 10+ 5
Engraving No Yes Yes Yes

The Base Model Pen

Supernote Stylus

The first pen we’ll discuss is the base model pen, which serves as the budget option for the Super Note series. When I Bought my First Supernote I went for the standard set which comes with the Base Model Pen.


The standard pen is made out of Plastic which features a ceramic nib that offers a pleasant writing experience. This ceramic nib ensures long-lasting performance, as it doesn’t wear down over time.

The base model pen has a squared shape, with a twist in the middle and a rounded end where the cap attaches. The flattened edges serve the dual purpose of preventing the pen from rolling too far across desks or other surfaces. The way you hold the pen will significantly influence how it feels to you. Holding the pen higher will emphasize the squared edges, offering a secure grip. On the other hand, holding it closer to the nib, near the transition between the barrel and the nib holder, provides a more comfortable grip due to the rounded shape.

The Standard Pen doesn’t incorporate any buttons or an eraser at the top. The Pen comes in four colors.


The combination of the ceramic nib and Ratta’s screen technology imparts a uniquely delightful tactile sensation when writing on Supernote devices. This is one of the primary reasons why I find myself using my A5X so frequently. The pen glides across the screen, yet it provides just the right amount of resistance to avoid slipperiness. Moreover, the incredibly fine tip allows for highly precise mark-making.

It feels as if you are writing with a gel pen over aa piece of paper!

In terms of balance, the Standard Pen feels is well-balanced, it might be slightly top-heavy. Its weight lends a substantial and durable feel to the pen.

I like to hold the pen a little lower and the distance between the Nip and the grip can be uncomfortable for me during extended writing sessions.

It’s important to note that the ceramic nibs of both the heart of metal series and the base model pen are the same, providing a similar writing sensation. However, the main difference lies in the hand feel and design.

The Heart of Metal Series Pen (HoM & HoM2)

Supernote Pen

Moving on to the heart of metal series pen, it quickly becomes apparent why this pen stands out as a favorite for many. The HoM Pen utilizes the identical ceramic tip as the Standard Pen, thus delivering an almost indistinguishable writing experience and strokes on the Supernote’s screen. However, the design and hand feel make a significant difference.

The primary divergences lie in the HoM’s aesthetic design and the ergonomic comfort it offers while holding and writing with the pen.


The HoM Pen is noticeably shorter in length compared to the Standard Pen, If we use it without the cap.  If we use HoM with the cap the length difference is hardly noticeable.

The same applies to the weight. While the Standard Pen and HoM Pen possess nearly identical listed weights, a substantial portion of the HoM Pen’s weight is concentrated in the lid. Personally, For me the HoM Pen has ideal weight without the lid, yet slightly top-heavy when the lid is attached.

The presence of a slightly soft plastic grip makes the HoM Pen highly comfortable to use—especially during extended writing sessions—outperforming the Standard Pen in terms of comfort.

The HoM Pen boasts a stylish appearance and exudes a premium feel, further accentuated by Supernote’s offer of free engraving on the clip for personalization. With eleven available colors to choose from, there is ample room for individual preference.


Writing experience can be subjective but for me The heart of metal pen gives a better writing experience. It allows for a lower grip on the barrel, thanks to its rounded shape and textured surface. By comparing the transition points of the two pens, it becomes evident that the heart of metal pen offers a deeper grip, which enhances the writing experience. Additionally, the balance of the pen is well-maintained, especially when used without the cap.

All in all, I find the HoM Pen quite appealing. Its writing performance is virtually indistinguishable from the Standard Pen, but it offers a more comfortable grip, enhanced elegance, and a touch of luxury. However, its lightness, which some may view as a positive, is a drawback for me.


The Heart of Metal 2 Pen bears striking resemblance to its predecessor, the Heart of Metal Pen. The writing sensation remains remarkably akin between the two pens; however, the HoM2 embraces a more substantial weight, surpassing the HoM and approaching the weight of the Standard Pen. Furthermore, the HoM2 boasts a slightly elongated form compared to the HoM.

The LAMY Pen

Lamy Al Star Supernote stylus

The LAMY AL-star stands apart from the pens listed here by opting not to employ Supernote’s ceramic NeverReplace nib. Instead, it embraces a consumable plastic nib that gradually wears down over time. But I really find this marketing ploy intriguing that LAMY has entered the E Ink Market with Supernote. This gives Supernote a distinctive edge over other E Ink Tablets.

LAMY safari twin EMR Pen is another variant which can shift from writing on supernote to writing on paper. The 2 in 1 pen has a twist mechanism to switch between a Ceramic NeverReplace nib and a ballpoint nib. It is developed for flexible use on both Supernote and paper, and combines the best of both worlds


The Lamy pen brings a unique design to the SuperNote series. It features a triangular shape, providing a natural grip for your fingers. With its three flat sides, it offers resting spots for all three fingers, ensuring a comfortable writing position.

The LAMY AL-star, is constructed from lightweight plastic. Furthermore, it boasts a slightly lengthier frame and a marginally wider barrel diameter, contributing to a somewhat chunkier feel when held.

The transition between the barrel and the nib holder is shallower compared to the heart of metal pen, allowing for a lower grip. Similar to the heart of metal pen, the Lamy pen maintains excellent balance when used without the cap. It rests comfortably in your hand, reducing fatigue during long writing sessions.

This pen is available in five distinct colors, with the option for a complimentary personalized engraving. Unlike the HoM and HoM2, where engraving is positioned on the clip, the AL-star’s engraving adorns the pen’s barrel.


When writing a notable advantage of the Lamy pen is the addition of an eraser button, a feature absent in the other pens of the SuperNote lineup, facilitating quick switching between the eraser and selection tools. This button allows users to effortlessly activate the eraser function without the need to select the corresponding button on the toolbar. Providing convenience and efficiency, allowing you to erase without interruption.

Supernote is an exception with its employment of ceramic nibs. LAMY Pen differ here, nevertheless, they have undergone meticulous design to emulate the ceramic feel to the best of its abilities. The plastic composition employed in the nib is harder compared to similar styluses, which retains some resemblance of the distinctive Supernote experience.

However, despite its ergonomic design and useful eraser function, the Lamy pen falls short in terms of the writing experience. The rounded, stubbier nib made of hard plastic differs from the sharp, precise ceramic nibs found in the other pens. Writing with the Lamy pen feels more like gliding over the screen protector rather than digging into it. Although the Lamy pen has its merits, it may not be the ideal choice for those seeking a specific writing sensation.

Lamy Supernote
Stylus Comparison Supernote


All three pens maintain a well-balanced feel, especially when used without the caps. 

The heart of metal and Lamy pens excel in this aspect, providing a comfortable and stable grip without feeling top-heavy.

Out of all the Supernote Pens I had the pleasure of trying, my absolute favorite has to be the Heart of Metal. Let me tell you, this pen is something special.

Not only does it deliver a writing experience that’s on par with the Standard and HoM pens, but it also boasts a delightful balance, making it a joy to hold. The weight of the pen is just right, giving it a substantial feel in your hand. And let’s not forget about its stunning appearance and customization.

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