Is reMarkable Connect worth it?

So there are a lot of confusions when it comes to reMarkable connect service. A lot of questions pop up:

  • Does remarkable work without the connect service?
  • What all are the advantages and disadvantages of connect?
  • What features do we get in the connect subscription?

Well lets dive in and find out

Connect is a service based subscription provided by reMarkable. Connect gives you access to unlimited cloud storage and sync, up to three years of extra protection for your device with a reMarkable 2 Protection Plan, and access to exclusive subscriber offers.

An optional 1-year free Connect trial is included when you purchase reMarkable 2 from the official reMarkable store. So you don’t need to buy it separately for a new reMarkable.

Old reMarkable Connect Plan

When the old connect subscription was launched in early 2022 there was a lot of backlash from the user. A lot of features which were previously available to a new user were snatched and placed in the connect light program. Even basic features like hand writing recognition were made part of a plan and this was met with resentment from the remarkable fans.

Eventually the company had to make major changes in the reMarkable Plan. Though I myself am not a big fan of subscription based features for any device but the changes seem reasonable and for anyone using reMarkable  without the subscription plan it won’t matter much.  

reMarkable Connect Subscription

The Remarkable’s recent history has been marred by a controversial attempt to introduce a subscription service, which was met with strong criticism from the community. However, the company appears to have learned from its mistakes and is now actively rectifying the situation. This change of course is commendable, as it shows a willingness to take responsibility for past missteps and move forward in a more user-friendly direction.

Now when you purchase the reMarkable 2 from official reMarkable store, they give you an optional 1-year free Connect trial, allowing you to explore its features and benefits without any additional cost.

Upon the conclusion of the complimentary 1-year Connect subscription period, you hold the reins of choice. You can opt for $2.99 per month or $29.90 per year to avail this feature.

Activating Connect:

You can activate your free Connect trial by securely entering your payment details at my.remarkable.com. For those who purchased their reMarkable before November 7, 2022, simply access the activation link provided in your order confirmation email. Refer to a dedicated page for detailed instructions. (Please note that purchases of multiple devices made prior to this date include only one subscription.)

For those who purchased reMarkable before November 7, 2022, and the Connect trial was not included, can own Connect subscription at my.remarkable.com.

Those who own a second hand device can also avail this feature.

Discover the boundless potential of Connect subscriptions:

What all is included in connect plan

Connect: $2.99 per month or $29.90 per year


  • Unlimited cloud storage:  reMarkable has only 8 GB internal storage which might not be enough for everyone, plus its non-extendable. So if you need additional space and always want to sync you device with cloud service then this feature maybe necessary for you.
  • Seamless mobile and desktop note-taking: This feature allows you to take notes-send them to your mobile or desktop application- make changes over there and send them back. Though its not something which one can live without but it does make the editing and reviewing process a bit streamlined.
  • Enhanced protection with the reMarkable 2 Protection Plan
  • Access to exclusive offers

I have been using my reMarkable just fine without the subscription as all essential features are included for free. Here are those features which you can use without the subscription

reMarkable Integration

You can stay connected with your favorite cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. With Integrations, you can easily access and manage your stored files, copy them to your reMarkable, and upload notes and documents directly to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive accounts. It’s a seamless way to keep your digital notebook in sync with the cloud.

Handwriting Recognition

Though It was made part of Connect Subscription but the decision has been reverted.  With handwriting conversion, you can transform your handwritten notes into neat typed text. Simply connect to Wi-Fi, log in to your reMarkable account, and update your software to the latest version. Then, you can convert multiple pages of notes into editable text, make changes using the on-screen keyboard, and even share them via email.

Read On reMarkable

Send web pages, Word documents, or PowerPoint presentations straight to your paper tablet using Read on reMarkable. Install the feature separately in Google Chrome and Office to send articles as PDFs or simplified text formats. You can also convert Word and PowerPoint documents into PDFs using our add-ins for Microsoft Office. Once it’s on your reMarkable, you can dive into your content, annotate, and focus on the task at hand without distractions. Plus, you can save web articles for later and build your own offline reading list.

Screen Share

With our desktop app, you can instantly showcase your writing and sketches on a larger screen. It’s perfect for digital meetings or presentations where you want to visually demonstrate your ideas. Share your reMarkable creations, write, draw, and explain complex concepts in real-time.

Send Via Email

With the Send by email feature, you can easily share your notebooks, PDFs, and ebooks directly from your reMarkable paper tablet. You have the flexibility to send items as PDFs, PNG, or SVG files, making it convenient for collaborating and spreading knowledge.

Oh, and one last thing: while you won’t have full access to the cloud storage service without a Connect subscription, don’t worry! Your notes will be stored locally on your paper tablet. Only the files used and synced online within the last 50 days will continue to be stored in the cloud and updated in our apps.

reMarkable connect plan is not necessary to experience the real potential of the device. It’s a note-taking device that works fine without the connect plan. You have limited access to the cloud storage service but google drive and drop box works just fine. So if you have the spare more and you want to further streamline note taking and reviewing capabilities then you can go for it.

Better is to avail the 1st free year plan and decide for yourself

Hope this helps you make the most out of your reMarkable! Happy note-taking!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does reMarkable Connect offer?

reMarkable Connect provides several benefits, including unlimited cloud storage and synchronization, extended device protection with the reMarkable 2 Protection Plan for up to three years, and access to exclusive offers for subscribers. When you purchase reMarkable 2 from our webshop, you can also enjoy an optional 1-year free trial of Connect.

How do I set up reMarkable Connect?

To set up reMarkable Connect, follow these steps:

  1. Once you receive your new reMarkable device, go to my.remarkable.com.
  2. Create an account and pair your device during the setup process.
  3. Click on “Activate Connect” to initiate your free subscription.
  4. Provide your payment details when prompted.
  5. Before your subscription renews, we will send you an email notification.

Can I use reMarkable offline?

Yes, reMarkable can be used offline, and you have the option to store your documents exclusively on your device if you prefer. Even without a subscription, you can still utilize the cloud to synchronize your documents. However, please note that files will stop syncing to the mobile and desktop apps if they have not been opened and synced for more than 50 days.

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