What Stylus works with reMarkable 2? Compatible RM2 Pens

reMarkable Pen works on Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR) Technology. EMR Pens rely on the interaction between a grid of antennas, known as the digitizer (located inside the screen), and a coil embedded in a pen-like device.

The basic principle behind EMR involves the transmission of pulses from the grid of antennas to the coil within the pen. The coil, in turn, picks up energy from these pulses and sends it back to the grid. The position of the pen is determined by analyzing the power levels received by each antenna in the grid.

The crucial advantage of EMR technology is that the power and primary signal are provided by the screen’s underlying layer, eliminating the need for batteries in the pen itself.

No, you cannot use all styluses on reMarkable 2. It only supports EMR Styluses. It’s essential to understand that no software or code can magically make a stylus of one technology type work on a device designed for another.

For instance, if a device incorporates Wacom technology, it cannot function with an AES stylus, and vice versa. The technology underpinning each stylus type is inherently different, making cross-compatibility impossible without the required hardware support.

Old styluses that work on Capacitive or Active(Resistance) technology do not work with reMarkable.    Pens like Apple Pen based on Active Electrostatic Sensing (AES) technology also do not work with reMarkable. A few of the pens that do not work with reMarkable are as below

  • Most non Wacom pens
  • Sony E Ink Tablet Pens
  • Supernote Ceramic Nib Pens (though it works but it will damage the screen)
  • Google Pixelbook pen
  • HP Active Pen
  • Surface Pen
  • Apple Pen
  • Wacom replacement stylus for almost all Intuos tablets
what stylus works with remarkable 2

Almost all pens that work on E Ink Tablets work with reMarkable as well. However, the eraser function might not work out of the box and you will probably need a hack to overcome this issue. 3rd Party styluses designed for E Ink tablets work as well. Here is a list of few of the styluses that work with reMarkable

1. Lamy AL-Star Stylus

The LAMY AL-Star Stylus is a versatile digital pen that offers a seamless out-of-the-box experience, with one notable exception – the eraser function, which can be activated using ddvk’s stylus hack.

2. Kindle Scribe Basic & Premium Pen:

The Kindle Scribe Basic & Premium Pen shares its hardware with the reMarkable stylus, making it an excellent replacement option. However, it’s worth noting that the Kindle Scribe Basic Pen does not include an eraser feature. Still, its compatibility with reMarkable and similar devices makes it a practical choice for users seeking a reliable stylus.

3. Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo:

The Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo stands out for its user-friendly performance. This stylus not only functions smoothly out of the box but also includes an eraser feature.

4. Onyx Boox Pro Pen:

The Onyx Boox Pro Pen is another capable stylus that works effortlessly upon initial use. Similar to the LAMY AL-Star, it requires the activation of its eraser through ddvk’s stylus hack.

5. Samsung S6 Lite Pen and other Samsung S Series Pens:

Samsung’s S6 Lite Pen and other S Series Pens are user-friendly and work seamlessly out of the box. However, to access the eraser function for your reMarkable, You will need to employ ddvk’s stylus hack.

6. Mitsubishi WACOM Hi Uni Digital Stylus

The Mitsubishi WACOM Hi Uni Digital Stylus delivers a hassle-free experience out of the box, although it lacks an eraser feature.

7. Staedtler Noris Digital Classic

Similar to the Mitsubishi stylus, the Staedtler Noris Digital Classic functions smoothly out of the box but does not include an eraser. Its straightforward operation and budget friendly price makes it a practical option.

8. Kaweco AL Sport Connect EMR Black Digital Stylus:

The Kaweco AL Sport Connect EMR Black Digital Stylus combines aesthetics and functionality with its high-quality aluminum body and design developed for maximal compatibility, including reMarkable and other digital devices.

9. iReader X-Pen Gen 3 EMR Stylus

The iReader X-Pen Gen 3 EMR Stylus stands out as a versatile option that operates seamlessly out of the box and includes a built-in eraser. Its broad compatibility with digital note-taking devices, including Remarkable 1 and Remarkable 2, makes it a valuable tool for users.

10. Good e-Reader WACOM Premium Stylus

Designed specifically for E Ink Tablets, the Good e-Reader WACOM Premium Stylus offers an effortless out-of-the-box experience, including eraser functionality. Its compatibility with reMarkable and similar devices makes it a convenient choice for digital tasks.

11. NibtouTech Bamboo EMR WACOM Stylus:

The NibtouTech Bamboo EMR WACOM Stylus stands out for its elegant Shabili Wood design and natural pen quality. However, it lacks an eraser feature.

12. Styluses for All E Ink Tablets:

Most of the styluses with come with E Ink Tablets are compatible with reMarkable as well, excluding Sony E Ink Tablets Pens and Supernote HoM (due to its hard ceramic nib).

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