Is a reMarkable 3 Coming Out

Is reMarkable 3 Coming Out? Rumors & Truth

We have been hearing the rumors for almost 1 year now that the reMarkable 3 will be launched any time soon and to be honest its about time that the device needs a decent update. 

We might think that with devices like Onyx Boox coming with high end devices that can literally work as a tablet the chances are that the team at reMarkable are thinking big. But that’s not the case and here is why I think it would take some time.

reMarkable’s approach to their e-ink tablets has always been about simplicity and distraction free ecosystem.  They focus on the core function of note-taking and that’s why reMarkable feels so natural. While a lot of you might be curious about the release of the reMarkable 3, there are several reasons why it may not be likely to happen in 2023.

Firstly, reMarkable 2  is a great device even after so many years and it meets the company’s vision and design principles.

When it comes to performance it performs exceptionally well in its primary function of note-taking, and it would be quite challenging for reMarkable to significantly improve upon its hardware or build without compromising its core values. 

Adding features like a backlit screen, microphone or speakers could potentially detract from the distraction-free and focused note-taking experience they aim to provide.

Secondly, up until the announcement of the Type Folio, most people assumed that the Remarkable 3 is just around the corner. With the Type Folio, however, it seems that the company is extending the RM2’s life cycle. 

Its highly unlikely for tech companies to release such a major accessory for their devices that’s on the verge of being replaced, meaning no RM3 for quite a while.

Then again it’s quite possible that device already in the works would be compatible with the Type Folio and the Type Folio is a sort of stepping stone between the products.

Thirdly, reMarkable 2 is offering a 100-day money back guarantee for their tablets if you don’t like it. If they release the reMarkable 3 shortly without making some changes in their policy, many customers who recently bought the reMarkable 2 would likely return it to get the latest model.

As a result, they might need to adjust their returns policy or manage is accordingly before launching a reMarkable 3 to avoid financial and logistical losses. And we haven’t heard any such news or update in the policy.

Lastly, there have been no new applications submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from reMarkable for wireless technologies. This lack of new FCC applications by the company suggests that there may not be any imminent plans for a reMarkable 3 release.

I’ve been using it daily for the last 2 years and it has yet to disappoint in the hardware or software performance category when it comes to note taking. The writing and latency are superb and there is no lag.

However, if it comes to reading then large PDFs do tend to lag. To be honest if you really want to use your reMarkable for reading then it’s better to opt for some other device like the Onyx Boox or Kindle scribe. reMarkable 2 was designed for writing and it really does that pretty well.

The software features tend to do what they’re supposed to and are regularly updated. Its still a great device and I would suggest if your primary task is note taking then you should go ahead and buy one.

If users are looking for more versatile e-ink tablets, there are alternative options available such as the Supernote A5X and Boox Note Air 2 Plus, both of which support additional features like email, calendars, and Kindle. These alternatives may be better suited for those seeking more than just a dedicated note-taking device.

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Probably not, the color E ink technology is in its nascent stage and with the repute that reMarkable has they aren’t going to risk it. There are a lot of issues with the quality of display when it comes to Color E-Ink and it will probably take a few years before reMarkable thinks of going for a color reMarkable.

I am a big fan of the approach of reMarkable has for its E Ink Tablets. But there are a few key features that the device is missing and I hope they add it in reMarkable 3.

Improving the reading UI and performance: The note taking UI is great but when it comes to reading then reMarkable 2 is not the best device. Support of additional file formats and lesser lag for larger PDFs will be a great addition for the reMarkable 3.

Addition of a backlit screen: Its quite difficult to read without a back lit screen. Also a lot of E Ink Tablets do come with a backlit screen. It will enhance the User experience  

Addition of tilt function: The device does nott have G sensor and there isnt even a manual landscape mode.

Adding all of these features in reMarkable 3 will make reMarkable a great device in the area where it is not and that is reading. Hopefully the team at reMarkable will listen to its loyal users and improve on it.

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