Quirk Logic Papyr Vs Supernote A5x

Supernote Vs Papyr : Decide What suits you more

Supernote vs Papyr

Supernote is one of the most sold E Ink Tablets in the market.  Traditionally it is compared with reMarkable 2 or the Onyx Boox devices. However, here we are going to compare it with another great device which is the Quirk Logic Papyr. 

Both Supernote and the Papyr target a different set of users. Lets find out which group of users you fall in.   

Key difference between  Supernote and Papyr?

Supernote is a minimalistic and distraction free E Ink Tablet which focuses on writing and note taking. It runs on tailored Android OS. Writing is what it is designed for and it has one of the best writing experience.  The device has A5 Sized or 10.3″ screen making it an ideal size for a note book to carry around and reading most book formats. 

Quirk Logic Papyr on the the other hand, is a device that is highly centered around workbooks and colabrations. The biggest difference that it has from the Supernote is the screen size. Its a A4 or 13.3″ screen Sized device which is better for reading PDFs, research papers and annotations. 

Comparison Table Papyr vs Supernote

Year 2020 2021
Screen type Mobius Carta unknown
Screen size 10.3" 13.3"
Screen resolution 1404 × 1872 1650 × 2200
Screen density 226ppi 207ppi
CPU 1.3 GHz Quad-core 1.2Ghz Quad-core
Storage 32GB 16GB
Battery 3800mAh 2000mAh
Thickness 7.2mm 6.35mm
Weight 375g 349g
OS Android (Chauvet)  Android 5.0
Handwriting recognition
Google Play Store
Other Features
Backlit Screen  
Auto Rotate
SD card slot

Aspect of Consideration

  • Design
  • Display
  • Stylus
  • Notetaking
  • Reading
  • Hardware & Software
  • Pricing


Supernote and Papyr both have a tablet-like form factor and are equipped with same E Ink Displays. Both devices are made of premium materials but Supernote feels more plastic like

Papyr looks quite similar to the Sony DPT from the outside. The back of Papyr is of a  soft finish, which looks as if made out of aluminum, instead of plastic.  Which make it feels quite premium.

Supernote A5x

  • The Supernote has a wider bezel at the bottom with a touch slider on the right bezel.
  • It has a plastic casing and screen, which makes it very light (375g ).
  • Supernote A5x is a bit thicker (7.2mm)
  • The USB-C connector on the Supernote is located centrally on the bottom edge and the power button is on the top right edge

Quirk Logic Papyr

  • The device is 6.3 mm thick and when compared to Supernote A5x it feels quite slim.
  • Despite a bigger size it weights only around 335g and that’s astoundingly light
  • The aluminum frame gives the device a very premium feel when holding. 


The Quirk Logic Papyr has a  13.3 inch E-Ink Carta screen with a resolution of 2200 x 1650 and 207 PPI. Though the PPI may seem less when compared to Supernote but it is somewhat of a standard in 13.3 inch or A4 sized devices.

The Screens of both the devices are made of different materials. The Supernote screen is a bit softer that is why it gets its signature feel of Writing with a gel pen over a business card. Whereas the glass screen of Papyr gives it more like a pen over paper feel.  

Supernote A5x

  • The Supernote A5x uses a plastic Mobius Carta screen. Its more flexible and lighter. Supernote A5x claims that its screen never breaks making it a better option for careless forks .
  • The device has no backlight or warm lights which is big problem when using the device in low light.

Quirk Logic Papyr

  • The Refresh Rate is quite slow and you can feel it while scrolling 
  • This device lacks a backlit screen and adjustable warm lights.


The Supernote A5x comes with a lot of Stylus options you can choose different styluses and different colors. 

On the other hand, the Papyr comes with the Pen in the box. The biggest downside is that this device is not compatible with other Wacom Styluses 

With regards to the writing experience, the Supernote and Onyx Boox both have quite different tactile feel. Personally, I love the writing experience on both devices, however, the Supernote feels a bit better to me with its Gen pen feel.

Supernote A5x

  • It uses hard ceramic tips that do not wear down and never need to be replaced. The feel is more like a gel pen over a high gloss printed paper but it feels good in its own way.
  • Supernote A5x stylus is magnetic, the tablet itself is not. Therefore, a case/folio with a pen loop is needed to keep the tablet and stylus together.
  • The pen comes with a cap so the nip is more secure

Quirk Logic Papyr

  • Papyr Pen has two buttons on the shaft for erasing and highlighting
  • The Pen is’nt pressure or tilt sensitive
  • The Pen uses the Active EMR Technology meaning the battery needs to be charged periodically 
ReMarkable 2 Stylus Alternative​ - Best stylus for Onyx boox
Supernote Vs Boox

Note Taking

The Supernote and Note Air 2 both are great at note taking. The Supernote has a minimalistic UI with decent templates and pen options. 

The user interface of Papyr is designed to be intuitive and efficient, allowing for a super-fast and agile workflow. Real-time collaboration is a standout feature, enabling seamless teamwork and eliminating the need for cumbersome steps like saving and sharing. 

With Papyr, you can work collaboratively and experience a level of speed and agility that surpasses traditional methods.

Writing experience can be a bit subjective but in my opinion Supernote is the winner when it comes to note taking. Whereas Papyr has better note sharing and collaboration features.

Supernote A5x

  • The note taking UI has multiple brushes, shades and templates.
  • It has folder/sub-folder hierarchy and files can be sorted by name, modified date and size.
  • The tagging system is much advanced with keywords set at the notebook page level. You can search by folder/filename, file type and keywords.
  • The annotations function includes actual text extraction. Also you can read & edit word documents as well
  • The text recognition while note taking is in real time
  • Navigation on the Supernote A5x is made even easier with the side touch slider.
  • You can view and compose emails and a calendar app that syncs with Google/Outlook calendars.
  • The Supernote can export notebooks as PDF, PNG, DOCX or TXT file formats. These are stored in an EXPORT folder, which can then be synced or shared.

Quirk Logic Papyr

  • Notes organization is in multi-page workbooks which can be organized in folders making it great.
  • There is only one brush; the thickness and color can be changed 
  • Workbooks have ‘infinite zoom’ which means the canvas can be expanded dynamically
  • The Papyr does not support handwriting recognition


When it comes to reading experience, the Papyr and Supernote target  different users. More screen real estate makes Papyr better for reading PDFs whereas Supernote A5x inbuild Kindle App is great for reading books.

Supernote A5x

  • Supernote A5x supports ePub, PDF, and Word documents, as well as PNG and JPG image formats.
  • However, you can install the Kindle app on the Supernote to get access to almost all of these reading features
  • There is no backlit screen, light and G sensors in the device.
  • You can also scribble notes on them and annotate them

Quirk Logic Papyr

  • The native reading app an run PDF, EPUB and MOBI files.
  • EPUB and MOBI files cannot be annotated
  • To annotate a PDF, it must be imported as a QLW file – which can then be exported as a PDF again.
  • The Papyr supports split-screen view which is a great feature to have.

Hardware & Software

The Supernote A5x was launched in 2020 and the hardware is a bit outdated when compared to Papyr  but still packs and punch. The Supernote A5x runs own tailored Android which does not have full android capabilities and google play store support there are rumors that it will get the support inn the future. 

On the other hand Hardware of Quirk Logic Papyr is the same as used in Sony DPT and the device was launched in 2021. Quirk Logic Papyr runs android , however Google play store is not supported so 3rd party apps cannot be installed in the device.

Supernote A5x

  • Runs on Quad-core processor with 2 GB of memory and 32Gb of storage.
  • Supernote lacks key features like backlit screen and g sensors.
  • Supernote A5x has a larger battery (3800mAh) and the absence of Backlights and sensors makes its last longer then the Onyx Boox

Quirk Logic Papyr

  • It has 1.2Ghz quad-core processor and 2 GB Ram 
  • The storage is around 16 GB which is quite enough.
  • Features like backlit screens, g sensors, speakers and microphone are missing


In terms of pricing, the Supernote is more affordable with price and has a great return policy. Whereas the Papyr costs more including the pen but its a bigger device as well.


Both the devices are great but they target a different user altogether. 

If you want something simple primarily focused on note taking, is minimalistic and distraction free. Has a really good writing experience then Supernote A5x  is the device for you.

Whereas if you work requires reading a lot of PDFs and need to share the screen in real time or  just want a larger screen to write on then Quirk Logic Papyr is’nt a bad option to go for. 

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