5 popular book recommendation apps

5 Popular Book Recommendation Apps to help you pick your next read

Struggling to choose your next read? With so many books out there, it can be overwhelming at times to decide what to read next. So often a times we are left with half read books or force ourselves from cover to cover. A bad book is a huge time waster and can make new readers lose interest in books all together.
That’s where book recommendation apps come in. They help us decide what to read matching our taste and preferences. Our taste differs, so do our choices. Furthermore, humans are poor decision makers and selecting the next right book to read can be a daunting task, especially with so many options out there. Here are a few tips that will guide you in selecting the right book for you.

How to select the right book?

  1. Genre: Just like movies, we all have our favorite genre of books, which may vary with our mood. Narrowing it down can help you find a book that will satisfy your current mood.
  2. Recommendations: Getrecommendation from people with good taste in books. People who are wise, successful and famous all have their favorites.
  3. Reviews: Read online book reviews, both positive and negative reviews and make an informed decision.
  4. Author: We all have a favorite author. If you aren’t sure go for someone you loved previously.
  5. Length: Always consider the length of the book. The length may vary with time available and your interest in that Topic.
  6. Awards and Recognition: Consider books that have won awards or have been recognized by reputable Organizations.

Ultimately, the best book to read is the one that speaks to you and captures your interest.

Top 5 Popular Book Recommendation Apps

Here are the top 5 popular book recommendation of Apps and websites that help you  to select your next read.

1. Goodreads: Monthly Visitors 100 Million Plus
 Goodreads is the most popular social networking site for bookworms. It’s one of the best sites for Public book reviews and voting for the best books. The users can create shelves of books they read, are reading, or want to read. It also provides personalized book recommendations based on a user’s reading history. P.S their ratings are quite reliable.

Popular Book Recommendation Apps

2. Book Riot: Monthly Visitors 4 Million Plus
Book Riot is a website that provides book recommendations, reviews, and news related to books and the book industry. Their user-friendly interface, wide range of book-related content, including podcasts, newsletters, and discussion forums makes them stand out from the crowd. Its more than just a book recommendation app

Popular Book Recommendation Apps

3. Amazon: Monthly Visitors 2.5 Billion Plus
The largest online book store has quite a lot to offer. Their Book collection, Ratings, Reviews and recommendations based on a user’s browsing and purchase history can help a lot in selecting the right book for you. But the collection can be overwhelming at times

4. Fivebooks: Monthly Visitors 1 million plus
A book recommendation site with a different framework. Instead of providing personalized recommendations or lists of popular books, they offer expert recommendations from professionals in various fields. Experts in every field provides a list of their top five recommended books on a given topic. This interview style book recommendation can provide a deeper understanding of a particular subject or theme and is quite interesting to read in it self.

5. Readthistwice:  Monthly Visitors 1 million plus
Last on our list of  5 popular book recommendation apps is Readthistwice. A quite old and reliable site which provides book recommendations based on a user’s favorite books and authors. Their list on book recommendation by famous people is also quite helpful in selecting what to read next.


With this we will conclude our list of  top 5 popular book recommendation apps and website. Though there are a lot of other sources that need a shout out but there are our favorites. 

If you are interested in handpicked books in all genres see our book section.  Have a Happy reading!

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